Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dang... Time to post

heheh almost forgot about this blog, its been like already two weeks and i havn't posted... So here's what Ive been up to...

OK, remember the skeleton guy... Well he's already rigged and Ive started doing some animation tests on him, nothing really finished yet, just a simple walk cycle. Now for the other guy, Ive completely forgotten about him heheheh. All he has are bones, probably gonna finish him today now that i know about him hahah.
The new robot guy is some model I did in max how to learn rigging in max. Sorta getting the hang of rigging now but i only know how to do simple rigs in max, oh wells gotta start somewhere. The design was based on Ashley woods pipebot.
Ive also started learning some realflow, and I played around in maya abit for some particle effects I might wanna use.
Woah, I'm Kinda everywhere at the moment but thats ok. I usually work on alot of projects at thesame time so i don't get bored hehe. Just forgot about the big golem guy... gonna finish him up now. Then do some animating... or realflow... wait I havn't touched zbrush in awhile, might do some of that too.